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We are a TECHEdu company – formerly known as Kids Concepts Australia – enabling young students to Design their Future by offering them the opportunity to develop cutting edge STEM skills.

We will continue to offer all our existing courses in an improved format as well as extending our offerings to equip our students with highly in-demand technological skills which are being increasingly sought after. We cater to all age groups including K-12, tertiary levels and beyond.

sySTEM@TECH is the result of our passion for technology and education. By fostering a love of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) we encourage our students to be curious and confident learners. We aim to create tech-savvy and well-informed youth who are well-prepared for today’s digitised worlds

With over 25 years of expertise in technical knowledge we encourage young people to pursue technological skills and open the door to infinite possibilities in the field of technology, innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership. For younger students, this means getting a head start in developing skills that will be favoured by the leading industries of tomorrow.



Nurturing Today’s Young People into Tomorrow’s Leaders

Our vision is to establish a premier educational entity capable of empowering individuals to make difference locally and globally.


sySTEM@TECH encourages the overall development of our students. We aim to nurture our students into curious learners who are reflective and think critically as global citizens. Our students will become innovative and confident users of digital technologies who can effectively communicate, collaborate, and create using technology. The real-life problem-solving skills and an outlook for lifelong learning gained along the way will enable our students to influence the world positively.



To inspire excellence and equity in technological education, empowering students and educators to achieve global impact.



Provide a curriculum that is rich and relevant, allowing all students to work together for excellence.


We aim to create an educational program that develops curious, creative minds and inculcate; values such as team building, charity and acceptance while learning.


Our focus is to establish a platform to challenge the status quo in a changing world. We are dedicated to enhancing logical thinking in our students and cater to the demand for innovative thinking.

Team Members

Management Team

Meet the Founder


Keerti is a highly passionate educationalist with experience in delivering range of educational services including management and strategic planning.

Her experience in the field has enabled her to develop industry sector knowledge, new training products and build new business opportunities.

Keerti is based in Melbourne and heads sySTEM@TECH operations. She holds a Master of Technology from a premier Technology institute .

Meet the Program Director


Aparna has an educational background in Electronics and Communication Engineering with a professional background in digital systems design using FPGAs.

She has 15 years of experience in teaching and is trained in various programming platforms. Her current research interests include Machine and Deep Learning algorithms.

. She has a professional affiliation with the PEO, Canada as an EIT.She currently works with PhD students and develops code for signal processing and communication technologies! She has also written number of papers in fuzzy logic and communication technology as well as a book chapter in image processing.

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