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After School Programs in Melbourne – How Does It Help Kids?

Are you planning to enrol your child in an after school program in Melbourne? sySTEM@TECH is the leading provider of after school programs for kids, with a wide selection of courses that engage, empower, and enrich your child’s learning.

We complement the learning that your child gets in school with courses that experts have designed. The staff at our centre consists of qualified teaching specialists who make learning fun for your child.

Benefits Of After School Programs

Are you still wondering if afterschool classes are beneficial for your kid?
You will notice the change in your child after enrolment in the after school programs for kids. The kid shows improved social skills in interacting with other kids in a carefree environment, as it is more relaxed than a regular school. These enhanced social interaction skills will help your kid build empathy, social understanding,and leadership skills.
We know how focused you are as a parent on the academics of your child. We design the afterschool curriculum to enhance the learning of your kid. It supplements what the child is learning by providing individual attention to the student, which is sometimes impossible.
The afterschool classes have adult supervision, which creates a sense of safety and security. As a parent, you feel secure knowing that your child is not left unsupervised during the after-school hours when busy at work. You will find that these afterschool activities promote healthy developmental relationships under qualified adult supervision.
As your child grows, you find that they are a ball of energy. And as a responsible parent, you always want the kid to channelize this immense reservoir of energy effectively.Our courses and instructional methodologies are designed to utilize this energy productively to enhance your kid’s SLE or Social and Emotional Learning. You will be able to see and share your child’s positive emotional and cognitive development within a few days and weeks of enrolment through our after school classes at any of our various centres.

Courses We Offer:

We have a thoughtfully designed after-school program for kids based on the child’s interests and age group. Do not hesitate to talk to our friendly and helpful staff if you need any help deciding the proper course that meets your child’s interests.

You will find a valuable course for your child amongst these courses:


Holiday programs

Tertiary programs


Vedic Maths



Rubik's Cube


Why Choose sySTEM@TECH?

As a parent, you only want the best for your child. We work with you as an equal partner in developing your kid to enrich their learning journey by teaching them new skills that serve them throughout their career and life. These are some of the reasons that made us the first choice for learning for kids outside of school.

We offer:

Best instructors

Wide range of courses

Friendly staff

Regular updates to parents

Planned curriculum

Engaging environment

Mid-term joining

A fun way of learning

Online course availability (except robotics)

The easiest way to get your child to enrol in Melbourne’s best after school programs is to reach out to the experts. sySTEM@TECH is the leading provider of after school programs for kids. We have highly knowledgeable, experienced, and friendly educators ready to engage your child in various after school activities that enrich your kid’s knowledge and understanding.

Register your child online for any course that we offer or email us at If you have any queries or want advice on the course or activity, you can call us on 0413 949 831.