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As a parent, you often wonder how to keep your child engaged during school holidays. Your search for school holidays activities or holiday camps for kids during the school holidays ends here! 

At sySTEM@TECH, we offer various fun activities that encourage your kids to learn new skills during the holidays. The idea is not to burden the child but to promote learning through fun and encourage participation in activities and games with other kids.

School Holiday Programs for Kids
Fun, Exciting, and Engaging Activities

Best school holiday programmes that you can enrol your child in:

1. Handwriting workshop

You might wonder why your kid needs to enrol in a handwriting workshop.
• It is an accepted and proven fact that pen-to-paper and handwriting enhance a kid’s motor skills.
• It also develops reading skills, as the brain area that controls handwriting also controls the reading ability.
• It also stimulates the imagination and improves both the vocabulary and spelling skills of your child.
• Handwriting is a skill that will serve and help your kid throughout their life, irrespective of the ever-increasing use of mobiles, laptops, and word processing software.

2. Rubik’s Cube

The beauty of a Rubik’s cube is that there is no single way to solve it. Let your kid enrol in a Rubik’s cube course as part of their holiday program with us, and you will see how it enhances your child’s problem-solving skills.
• It builds cognitive and motor skills.
• The best part, of course, is that kids enjoy solving the Rubik’s cube, in turn constantly improving their puzzle-solving time and engaging in a healthy and friendly competition with their peers.

3. Robotics

Along with artificial intelligence or AI, robotics is a field opening up in a big way. Prepare your child for the future where robots will be commonplace in homes, offices, and factories. As part of our fun school holiday activities, we offer robotics classes that help your child learn the fundamentals of robotics. Learning is fun for your child in the simple-to-understand format that our teachers use. We teach your kid to design, build, and program robots of various sizes and complexity based on age, knowledge, and experience. It increases their understanding of the subject and stimulates a lifelong interest and love for a critical subject of STEM.

4. Coding

Another excellent holiday program for kids to enrol in is coding.
• It helps the kid learn the basics of coding and some popular coding languages like Python and Java.
• The widespread use of coding in gadgets and machines is predicted to increase further in the coming years.
• It has now become part of basic literacy in the new digital age.
• Coding helps your child with creativity, writing, and understanding of technology that will serve the kid throughout their career and adult life.
Your kids don’t just learn new skills at our centre; they also participate in various games and engage in indoor school holiday activities to increase their social interactions, competitiveness, and sportsmanship. There is never a dull moment for your kid with us as learning is complemented with fun and games with other children of the same age group.


Why Choose Us?

The support of parents has made us amongst the most preferred school holidays activities provider in Melbourne.

We offer:

Qualified instructors

Friendly staff

Regular updates to parents

Wide range of holiday activities

Relaxed environment

To get your child enrolled in the best holiday program for kids in Melbourne, reach out to the experts. sySTEM@TECH is the leading provider of holiday programmes for kids. With our highly trained, friendly, and experienced educators, we organize holiday camps for kids and various indoor school holiday activities that keep your child engaged as well as enrich their knowledge & understanding. Register your child online for fun holiday activities or email us at If you have any queries or want advice or assistance, you can call us on 04 1394 9831.


Holiday Program Schedule

Robotics and Coding

Start date:17 th Jan 2022


Beginners-Time -:10 am-4 pm |MON –TUE |2days-F2F ||

Age : 6- 8yrs |cost A$ 300

Advanced-Time -:10 am-4 pm |WED-FRI |3 days-F2F ||

Age : 6- 8yrs |cost A$ 320

Venue:2.14 ,2nd floor,111 -Overton Road

Williams Landing -VIC 3027

Rubik’s Cube

Start date:17 th Jan 2022


Time -:11 am – 1pm |MON –FRI  | 5days-F2F ||

Age : 8+ yrs |cost A$ 300

Venue:2.14 ,2nd floor,111 -Overton Road

Williams Landing -VIC 3027

$20 OFF -Early Bird Discount

Valid until 22nd Dec 2021

(Last date for Registration 31st Dec 2021)