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About Coding

We live in a world where we are constantly interacting with technology. Think about it, whether it is your smart phone, computer, websites, video games, apps, there is always some type of technology that we are using on a daily basis. Coding has gained a lot of popularity amongst young students. Coding teaches us to understand, speak, and write the computer’s language. Coding can be a complex subject to grasp, however, learning it at a young age can help them strengthen their basics and also allow them sufficient time to hone and develop their technical skills.
SYSTEM@TECH offers coding courses in Melbourne and across Australia for kids of all age groups. Our courses are developed [ with young students learning graph in mind for easy understanding and applications ].

Key Benefits of Learning Coding

Coding offers many benefits to kids who learn it from a young age. Here are some of the key advantages of learning coding at SYSTEM@TECH-
Technology is the future; we have heard this a lot and it has been proven to be true in many ways. Most of the fortune 500 companies work using various apps and softwares, which require basic coding. Almost every start-up that makes it big is based on providing some tech-based services. In a market that is constantly being driven by newer technology, giving your child the head start with coding can be extremely beneficial when it comes to choosing their career.
Coding is probably the only subject which provides the scope for indulging in algorithmic thinking. It is the ability to define clear steps to find solutions to a problem. Kids are made to approach various problems in different ways and are encouraged to break down the whole task into a step-by-step procedure, which they solve as per their intuition. Logical thinking also plays a huge role here. Many students have developed their logical reasoning and adapted new perspectives in looking at situations after learning coding as there is no one way to find the solution.
Coding is not just a language that deals with structures, there is a lot more to it. It allows programmers to use their imagination to solve different problems and create whatever they want to. Coding courses at SYSTEM@TECH helps kids not only in understanding and learning more about digital technology, but also in becoming future developers and creators of technology. By learning coding, kids can go on to either develop their own game or create new softwares/apps packages for MNCs.
When kids try to think and analyse like a computer, they automatically improve their cognitive skills. Coding helps them learn a lot about various logical and sequential processes. Challenges that involve testing their code, spotting errors, and quickly solving them helps make their minds sharper.
Coding courses at SYSTEM@TECH has been designed in way so that students constantly interact with their peers and teachers. We are always encouraging collaborations regardless of the student’s gender and background. By aligning their common interest in technology, we promote a style of learning that is based on sharing ideas and knowledge.
Let’s face it. We are living in times when we need to understand and learn skills that help us to communicate with machines, just like we do with humans. Through coding, we present a unique course for kids that helps them understand the basic workings of the technology that they use.
Coding is easy to understand but difficult to learn. This is mostly because it is an application-based subject and not a theoretical topic. Students face different types of challenges when they take on complex coding problems. They will feel like challenging themselves with complex issues once they solve the earlier hurdles.

Highlights of the program.

Learn how to build various games and apps,web contents and more.

Open ended tasks to develop creativity.

Activities leading to computational thinking, understanding of computer science ,math ,art and more.

Provides not only programming skills but in-depth understanding of concepts for older kids.

Project based learning to reinforce learned concepts using think,design,develop and testing approach.

Courses leading to different learning pathways providing skills for a number of future career options.

Educators are among the best minds in technological education.

Drag and drop visual
programming -Blockly for Beginners



3-5 years


6-8 years


9-12 years


13+ years

Drag and drop visual programming -Blockly for Beginners

Python Programming

Duration(10 weeks per Term)
Duration of class: 75 min/week
Kids move to higher levels after every 2 Terms


Duration (10 weeks per Term)
Duration of class: 75 min/week
Kids move to higher levels after every 2 Terms