The idea of educating the youth with new age skill is a challenge in itself. Modern day skill -set seem to revolve around computers and programming. Like all other subjects programming is equally important for overall development and building awareness in this digital world. In the age of digital transformation every child has some degree of understanding of apps and usage of smart-phones for a variety of tasks. It would be better when they have an understanding of how they are made. Making things gives a hands-on experience, focus on learning and building new skill. Experiential learning especially with electronics and robotics help children develop problem solving ability along with enhancing and a way to express their creative ideas.

Educating the youth with modern day skills especially in a digitally transforming world is not a huge challenge.  It is more about the kind of information that is fed to our youth that creates a knowledge base in the long run.  It is known that youth absorb quickly through hands-on experience and learning helps them gain confidence. There are positive results that are seen in over all development and learning habits too. This form of extra-circular education helps them in not only learning but results in an overall development.

Advantages of this kind of education would include:

  • Problem Solving
  • Developing critical thinking
  • Team building
  • Social skill development
  • Creative thinking

By exploring different pathways that help in learning and building a robot , students develop a passion for newer subjects .  With modern day rapid prototyping infrastructure such as 3D printing and coding some students cultivate an interest for understanding the mechanics behind it.  A good hands- on experience and a deeper understanding of the principles make youth a stronger adult and future leaders.  Teaching coding and robotics help them create a sense of community within the group . Also , presentation of ideas locally and at technological shows enable them to take ownership and a sense of pride in their work.  Young students can learn an overall sense of community, leadership skill and communication of technical concepts along with  showcasing their talent across the world .

“When educating the minds of the youth we must not forget to educate their hearts…” Dalai Lama